Top Recommended Questions To Ask When Hiring The Best Cleaning Company

In this contemporary society where many people are living according to stressed schedules, hiring a cleaning service has become a necessity and not a luxury – well, not entirely.  With more Vancouver residents moving out farther into the suburbs and Fraser Valley area to save costs, they’re increasing the amount of time needed to commute to work and this lessens the available time to clean.

Taking this factor into account, many cleaning companies have become available to hire ranging from cleaning teams to individual services. Despite the plethora of choice, hiring a cleaner from the Abbotsford or Chilliwack area such as Lifestyle Home Service is not as simple a task as many people would you to believe. To find the ideal cleaning service, it is important to take several considerations into account. This article will provide information on the noteworthy questions to ask when hiring the best cleaning company.

• How Do They Set Their Rates?

The majority of cleaning services operate using an hourly rate, but in some cases this hourly rate is used for the initial visit exclusively. Once the company is hired for further dates, they may begin to charge per project or according to the number of cleaners being used.

To avoid any confusion regarding cost, it is vital that you gain a quote regarding the cleaning rate. If the company charges per hour, it is recommended that you gain an estimate on how long it would take to clean the house. If the cleaning asks for a flat rate for each subsequent visit, you should consider how often you would need to contact the cleaning service.

To ensure a cleaning service does not lead you to bankruptcy, it is advised that you draft a budget before contacting cleaning companies. By having a budget and being aware of financial restrictions, it is possible to determine what is affordable and what is not.

• Is The Company Insured And Bonded?

All professional cleaning companies will present with liability insurance and bonds. This is essential because it will offer you a sense of security should any items be broken, damaged or go missing during cleaning projects. It is recommended that you inform the service of any items that require special care before hiring the best cleaning company.

• Are Background Checks Performed On Each Employee?

The most reputable cleaning services will perform detailed background checks on all of their staff. It is important to consider this factor and question the fact before hiring a company to avoid having people with “dodgy” backgrounds entering your home. When hiring an individual cleaner, you will act as the employer and this makes you responsible for performing background checks or screenings. The best way of ensuring safety in the home is to request the same cleaner be sent, if possible, if the company is used on a regular basis.

• Does The Company Use Their Own Equipment And Cleaning Supplies?

While the majority of reputable companies will present their own equipment and cleaning supplies, there are many who require the client to provide these resources. This is not always a problem for homeowners and many do not mind as the supplies tend to be in the house anyway, but it is a factor that should be examined. This is particularly useful if you utilize eco-friendly cleaning supplies and are unsure if the company does the same. It is important to make the distinction beforehand to avoid any misunderstanding.

• How Will The Company Gain Access To The Property?

A highly important issue to take into account when hiring the best cleaning company is how they will gain access to the property. There are several options available including leaving a key underneath the front door mat and asking the cleaner to leave it inside when done or granting access, granting access via a keypad, or being at home when the cleaners arrive. Be sure that you and the cleaning company are comfortable with the option chosen.

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