Roof Replacement Tips – Is it Time To Get a New Roof?

Considering a roof replacement or new roof for your home or business in Vancouver is an expensive home improvement project that is not the best DIY job for an inexperienced homeowner or business owner.  With the high cost of BC real estate these days, the roof is an expensive investment that plays an important role in protecting your family and personal belongings from the harsh elements of weather and burglary. This is why you need to take immediate action to fix the problem anytime the roof’s structure is compromised. Failure to attend to minor repairs in a timely manner could lead to structural issues, and finally, you may have to replace the entire roof. Here are some of the most important roof replacement tips to consider.

Most local governments require the homeowner to obtain permits for any kind of roofing work. Although a professional contractor may do the legwork in the process, you should have an idea of the time frame and costs of the permits ahead of initiating the project. The sooner you figure out this information, the better chance you have to add the costs to the allocated budget and plan the commencement of the project accordingly.

The right roofing contractor is an essential component for a successful roof replacement job. Most homeowners try to save money in the process by attending to some of the work themselves. Leaving the entire job to a professional contractor is the best thing to do since they have the necessary experience, roofing materials, and tools to work on any type of roof. The proper equipment, safety procedures, waste disposal, and building code requirements are important considerations in this regard. That’s why roof installation is best left to a professional contractor. You should choose the right contractor who has a license, adequate insurance coverage, experience, and positive references from his past clients.

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Some roofing contractors will try to leave the existing roof as it is and install the new one on top of it. Even though it might look like a cheaper option, you should prevent this from happening. When the old roof is removed, the contractor has a better chance to spot any structural damages to the building. In fact, you might be hiding a costly repair by installing the new roof on top of the existing one. It can cost you more money to repair such a damage in the long run compared to removing the old roof before installing the new one. On the other hand, you need to plan the roof installation when the weather is nice in your area. Most roofing contractors offer handsome discounts if you hire them during their slow season. Also, a roofing job can be completed within a few days if the weather doesn’t interfere. These are important things to consider when installing a new roof in your home.

In conclusion, replacing your existing roof in the Vancouver BC real estate market is not an easy task after all due to high prices and the accelerated pace at which homes have gone up in value – however by doing so you can ensure more value for your home or business if you go to sell. It is quite cumbersome and costly at the same. In fact, replacing a roof is not the best DIY project out there. This is why you need to choose a professional and experienced roofing contractor for the project like Pacific West Roofing & Exteriors – a top Vancouver-based roofing and contracting company that has been serving the local area for over 30 years and counting.  Check them out at for more information or to obtain a free roof replacement quote.  You can also find them on the map below: