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Do you want a job in law enforcement? This video series will take you step-by-step through the entire application process within the United States: federal, state, county, local, and military law enforcement. For over a decade the video has help thousands of people obtain a job in law enforcement, and it will help you if you meet the qualifications and have the determination. Becoming A Cop, presented by Jim Wagner, was the first video ever made explaining the law enforcement hiring process back in 1998 and then the video was revised in 2005. Several years later the information presented in it is just as relevant today as it was back then. Part 1 begins with The Application Process and The Written Exam. Jim Wagner has gone through this very process a few times, being hired by different agencies as a Corrections Officer, Police Officer, Reserve Police Officer, Reserve Deputy Sheriff, U.S. Federal Air Marshal, and Military Police Reserve soldier. This video series also contain over 30 interviews with different law enforcement officers giving their advice to you. If you know of somebody else wanting to get into law enforcement then send them a link to this video. Copyright 1998, 2005 Jim Wagner. All rights reserved.


Question: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/07/30/national/main20085853.shtml

CBS News) A Las Vegas police officer is in hot water after being caught on tape beating a videographer outside of his home in March.

A police department review found that Officer Derek Colling violated police policies when he used “excessive force” on Mitchell Crooks, reports the Las Vegas Review Journal.

According to the newspaper, the incident occurred on the night of March 20, when the 36-year-old Crooks was in his driveway videotaping police as they investigated a burglary report across the street. Crooks said that when he refused to stop filming, Colling arrested and beat him, with much of the altercation recorded by the camera.

Answer: Man you really don’t like the cops do you ? 🙂 Look, go look at that video again and remember what the guy first said when the officer asked “do you live here?” The guy said “No.” So go to the cops point of view, they’re rolling up on a reported burglary, they don’t know this guy with the camera let alone anything else that is going on. For all the cop knows, this guy is robbing houses and somehow gets a kick recording police when they show up to the call (Odd I know but some criminals actually get a kick out of this). So the rest, fake fake fake fake fake and he is doing nothing but “panning” for the video. Now will the cop get tried and convicted in the court of public opinion, heck yes, guilty of excessive use of force? Well when the sane minded review boards get a hold of it I can see them coming to the same conclusion, officer safety, subject stated he did not reside on the private property he was standing on, officer told him to stop filming in order to investigate him further, subject failed to comply and was detained for everyones safety albeit the videographer got exactly what he wanted, to lure the police into his little three year old game so he could claim brutality or his “rights being violated.” If it was me, I would have cuffed him too until I figured out who he really was and what he was doing there outside of taping me. Your in the area, you state you do not reside there, I’m there looking for burglary suspects, yep, your getting detained and you can play drama queen all you want, fine by me, been there, done that. Did you read the paragraph where he was treated for his injuries at the hospital? Oh yeah, neither did I.

Walk in a cops shoes, you will see things very differently.